Frankfort Main Street

The Main Street philosophy for downtown revitalization is guided by a four-part approach which was developed by the National Main Street Trust.   Those four points include: Organization, Design, Promotion and Economic Restructuring.

This concept provides a comprehensive approach to downtown revitalization.  The basic premise is that there are no quick fix solutions for overall downtown improvement.  Main Street advocates a revitalization process intended to be incremental in nature.  Main Street capitalizes on the positive aspects of the downtown and these built in positive elements are then used to rebuild a downtown as the center of attraction for local residents, prospective businesses and even tourists.


This involves developing methods by which community groups can work together effectively to bring about downtown revitalization. Partnerships that are established between these groups enable potential projects or ideas to become reality.


Promotional effects can serve these general purposes: ringing the cash register, highlighting downtown in a positive manner, and drawing people downtown for recreational purposes.

Economic Restructuring

This refers to diversifying and rebuilding the business district’s economy by providing a balanced retail mix, converting vacant spaces to new uses and imporving the area’s competitiveness in the market. Economic restructuring includes business retention, expansion, and recruitment.


Design issues include: facades, signage, streetscapes, public spaces, and sidewalk furniture. Creating and maintaining an aesthetically pleasing business environment is beneficial to the business, the customer, and the community.